Simple Steps That Act As A Natural Cure For Acidity

Feb 22 , 2022

Sankalp Agrawal

Simple Steps That Act As A Natural Cure For Acidity

We all have that annoying sensation near our chest at times. It prevents us from going on about our daily activities. We know that by the name called acidity. Acidity also causes heartburn and other painful sensations. Many people look for an instant cure for acidity rather than focusing on long-term solutions. 

In this blog, we will help you understand acidity and how you can tackle it in the long term. But, if you do want instant relaxation, only resort to Ayurvedic medicine for acidity. That way you don’t get any side effects from synthetic chemicals.

What is acidity?

Acidity is a common condition where people experience a burning sensation right above the abdomen. Every person would have experienced it at least once in their lifetime. However, there are some who experience it on a daily basis. It can be a cause for concern. It is primarily due to the improper closing of a valve in your stomach pipe. Many people blame unhealthy food alone for acid reflux. But, even an online doctor consultation free in India will let you know that that’s not the only issue. 

Symptoms of acidity 

A person going through acidity will usually experience the following symptoms:

  1. Extreme gas build-up in the chest area that causes heartburn.
  2. Intense pain when you try to lie down or bend your body.
  3. Some may experience bloating. It is a symptom where your stomach feels extremely pushed out due to gas.
  4. There may be regurgitation where your taste buds give out an acidic taste.
  5. Burping is a common symptom when you experience acidity. 

There are a few rare occasions in which acidity can lead to black or bloody stools. In that case, you have to consult a physician right away. And also try looking for natural medicines to prevent such dire side effects. 

Factors that contribute to Acidity

The following are some of the common factors that result in an excess build-up of gas in your stomach pipe. 

  1. Foods that have too much oil in them. For example, deep-fried chicken. 
  2. Beverages such as alcohol, soda and other drinks that contain caffeine. 
  3. Onions, garlic, lemon, tomato, or other acidic food items.
  4. Excessive smoking. 
  5. Lying on your back immediately after a heavy meal. 
  6. Certain painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen. 

Ways to
Cure for acidity

  1. Avoid overeating:

Eating too much food than one can digest can also lead to acidity. For immediate relief, you can resort to any Ayurvedic syrup for acidity. Try to reduce your food intake to prevent regular acidity problems. 

  1. Lose weight:

Following a healthy lifestyle can naturally reduce your weight. And hence, help you reduce the acidity levels in your blood caused due to indigestion. 

  1. Reduce intake of alcohol:

Alcohol consumption can cause an imbalance in certain stomach acid secretion. That may also cause acidity-related issues. So, reduce intake of alcohol. 

  1. Avoid carbonated beverages:

Carbonated beverages can temporarily ease acidity by letting you burp. But, it will affect your stomach acids and induce more acidity troubles. 

  1. Drink less citrus juice:

Resort to lesser acidic fruits instead of citrus fruits for a refreshing drink. Regular consumption of citrus can negatively impact the stomach lining and hence cause irritation and acidity. 

  1. Limit intake of caffeinated beverages

Coffee drinks are responsible for the majority of acidity-related cases. Caffeine worsens the symptoms of acidity by weakening the valve that should close immediately after the food passes through. 

  1. Improve sleeping habits and pattern

Irregular sleeping patterns can hugely disrupt your healthy body functions. It can cause general indigestion issues that further result in acid reflux. 


You can have an online doctor consultation free in India to find out how to live healthily and how an Ayurvedic Syrup for acidity stands as the best natural cure.