Meet our Consultation Doctor

Vaidya Ashlesh Mehta

Mindfulness is the key to unlocking superior health. We at Vital Care ensure that every individual receives the best Ayurvedic medication for health issues.

Dr. Trupti Naikare

I have completed my BAMS from Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalay Pune and MD from National Institute of Ayurved, Jaipur with specialisation in Ayurveda Pharmaceutics (Rasashastra and Bhaishajyakalpana). I have presented my research paper in multiple National and international conferences, I have won best paper award in World Ayurveda Conference Goa 2022.

I have published 4 Research papers till now. I have done specialisation in Nanomedicine from Athens University.

I was awarded with Ayurwomen award 2019 for extraordinary research work in Ayurveda.

Spreading the right word

Today’s internet is filled with content from users who do not fully understand medicine. Medicine is an art that when combined with the right expertise yields wholesome results. However, the wrong use of products could lead to unwanted side effects. Hence, Vital Care decided to offer a free online doctor consultation for everyone willing to change their lifestyle. Vital Care is one of the very few places that provide free online doctor consultation India.

Make the right choice

Vital Care believes that through proper information, customers can make the right choice for their health. They will be able to choose natural Ayurvedic products without having to worry about the side effects caused due to chemicals and toxins. Our free online doctor consultation, India will dive deep into all your problems letting you understand yourself before picking a product for your health.

Ayurvedic medications

Our team of expert medical professionals have carefully created the best Ayurvedic medications for various health issues that individuals face on a regular basis. At Vital Care, we offer free online consultation from Ayurvedic doctors so that you can know what is the best medicine to take as well as get a clear idea of how to get your health better.

Path to holistic wellness

You can consult a doctor online for free. This is an effort to make Ayurvedic wellness available for everyone. The wealth that our ancestors provided is the gift of Ayurveda. To use it wisely and to know more about yourself and how simple lifestyle changes can improve your overall health, sign up for the best online doctor consultation free in India today.

For any problem that you are facing, it is highly recommended to go for online Ayurvedic doctor consultation Free by Vital Care.