With all India network of more than 20 distributors and 500 stockiest throughout the country, Vital Care has been renowned name in marketing 100% natural and ayurvedic products in the corporate world.

Vital Care is a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted Ayurvedic company which further describes Ayurveda not merely being a system of medicines but giving a way of life also to the people of society. The basic principles of marketing of Vital Care Products is related to provide physical and mental well being to the sufferers of society as well as treating stubborn and incurable diseases with a 100% Ayurvedic and holistic approach.

Today in treating acute and chronic ailments, Modern Medical Science suggests only symptomatic treatment but Vital Care has developed certain innovative products through the R & D approach which treats the diseases from the root cause and provides ultimate solution to the sufferers for which company has earned nationwide reputation, recognition and bestowed with many recognized awards for marketing of its brands.

In Vital Care, more than 300 experienced Field Officers and Managers at different level manage its operation. These professionals are scientifically trained in promotion of various therapeutic segments to the medical fraternity and have earned lot of applause and appreciation for the quality of products and their efficacy in treating incurable ailments all over India.

At Vital Care, we recognize the importance of targeted and focused customers. The company has very clear and lucid concepts of marketing to cater the need of the customers. In this endeavors and efforts, the company constantly evaluates market needs and practically develops the concept and make available to the market through sophisticated and ultra modern R & D infrastructure, therein highly qualified professionals are working.

Vital Care mainly focuses on acute and chronic disease management and has remained main focus on Orthopedics, Gynecology, Dermatology, Gastro and Nutritional supplements. Certain flagship brands like ABHA, ARTHRUM, PEPGARD, RIZER and BACTIMO have remained at front runners in the corporate world.

Under the banner of 100 %, Ayurvedic and natural products, company is striving to develop certain innovative concepts and taking them at rightful places in the market for the sake of sufferers who have been waiting for the arrival of right, safe and natural therapy.


After getting established and acquiring leading position in marketing of 100 % Ayurvedic and Natural products in the home country, company has now focused in Global market also. Company has applied in more than 10 countries for marketing of its products globally and further aims at establishing marketing network in different countries for greater efficiency in coverage, establishing brands and quick market response.