Siya Kit - Ayurvedic Hair Fall Solution

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Siya Shampoo has the best of herbs found in nature that are a boon for your hair. It is the oldest and the most trusted Ayurvedic hair fall solution. It is devoid of any toxic chemicals and very gentle on your hair and scalp- making it naturally healthy and beautiful.

Gentle hair cleanser

The Siya shampoo by Vital Care, being made of all-natural ingredients, is very gentle on the scalp and hair and yet it is a very potent cleanser. Not only does it free the hair from dirt, oil and external pollutants, it also helps the hair stay safe from bacterial and fungal infections. This ensures that your hair stays free from dandruff, itchiness and dullness.

Adds shine and strength

The chemicals that are present in most of the shampoos can really make your hair very dull and lifeless. The Ayurvedic herbs of Siya shampoo add lots of life, volume and shine to your hair- making them soft and silky from within. It also retains the natural oils of your hair for a natural shine.

Made of Ayurvedic formula

Siya Ayurvedi hair care shampoo contains the perfect blend of all natural ingredients like Yashtimadhu, Aloe Vera, Henna, Hibiscus, and Shikakai devoid of any sulphates or parabens. With the essence of Hibiscus and Tea tree oil, Siya shampoo has the best properties of smell and cleansing.

Siya Oil

Siya oil helps to make your hair healthier internally that reflects on the external appearance of your hair. It gives your hair an adequate nourishment and helps restore the natural quality and silky texture of your hair. It is the best hair fall control oil for anyone facing the issue.

Helps in hair growth

Bhringraj oil, one of the constituents of Siya Ayurvedic oil, is shown to have a boosting effect on your hair growth. It possesses the power to heal damaged and inactive hair follicles and helps them proliferate naturally. This makes Siya oil the best solution for hair loss naturally.

Aids in the prevention of hair loss

Siya's hair fall control oil by Vital Care does not only add to the nutrient content of the hair to prevent hair loss, it also helps to soothe and calm the scalp. This helps prevent hair loss due to stress and anxiety as it regulates the blood circulation of your scalp.

Reduce dandruff

Siya herbal hair fall control oil is not just any Ayurvedic blend but the carefully chosen ingredients help to combat the most common problems faced by the people. One such problem is dandruff which is taken care of very well by the Siya hair oil owing to the presence of Bhringraj in it.

Helps delay hair greying

The Ayurvedic constituents in Siya ayurvedic products for hair growth help to provide adequate nourishment to the hair from the roots to the tip. The internal action of the hair oil helps retard the process of ageing- preventing the early greying of hair.

Mixture of the best herbs

The Siya Ayurvedic hair oil has the perfect blend of those herbs that are nature’s boon to hair. A blend of the most exotic natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Amla, Brahmi, Neem Lemon, Methi, Nagarmoth, Henna, and Jatamansi, it becomes the best oil for hair care for females.


An all-natural blend

Siya hair fall control oil is made only by using the best of the natural ingredients processed in ways that were used in ancient ayurvedic medicine. These processes help to preserve the goodness of the herbs as they are blended and infused into the oil.

Siya Capsule

With the food habits of people becoming worse every day along with tremendous adulteration, your hair needs some kind of a supplement to meet the wants for its good health. that helps to make the overall health of your hair better by providing it with the right nutrients. You can get hair loss treatment consultation online and accordingly start taking the Siya capsule.

Helps in hair regrowth

If Siya capsule is taken on a daily basis, it can significantly boost the growth of hair. This happens because it is an Ayurvedic product for hair growth that helps to induce activity into the inactive hair follicles. It also helps in the development of new hair follicles and to cover up bald patches and receding hairline.

Assists in reducing hair loss

Brahmi is a herb that is a very important constituent of the Siya hair care capsule best hair fall solution. It helps in better blood circulation along the region of your scalp that gives the same effect as a massage does. This helps in hair loss from the roots and also makes hair string to prevent hair breakage.

Adds natural shine

The natural tendency of hair is to shine because of the protein- keratin present on it as a layer. But due to pollution and damage, the hair loses the layer of keratin and thus, loses the shine. With the goodness of Amla and vitamin C, Siya Ayurvedic hair care products can help you get back the lost shine of your hair.

Helps prevent damage

Not only does Siya hair care capsule help reverse the effect of pollution, it also prevents the hair damage caused by external factors by creating a protective layer on  the hair strands. It reinforces your hair from within, making them less brittle so that your hair does not get damaged further, making it the best hair loss treatment female.


Avert premature greying

If you have started noticing grey hair at a very young age, it can be due to the lack of nutrients reaching your hair. Siya Ayurvedic hair care products contain all those nutrients that are essential for the overall wellbeing of your hair- including keeping your hair healthy and retaining its natural colour.

  • BhringrajHelps in follicular enlargement which helps in Alopecia.
  • Amla Rich source of Vitamin C which is essential for normal & healthy hair growth.
  • BrahmiProvides nutritional support to hair follicle & works as a nerve stimulant.
  • YashtimadhuStops graying of hair
  • Aloe VeraKeeps the hair strong, healthy & stops hair fall
  • HeenaGives strength to the hair roots & conditions the hair
  • HibiscusKeeps the hair Silky & black
  • Helps in detox the hair of dust particles & bacteria
  • Makes the hair smooth & silky
  • Helps in reducing hair fall & itchy scalp
  • Ideal for daily use which improves hair quality & quantity.

Shampoo Application : Wet hair, massage a small amount of shampoo on hair. leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse throughly. repeat if necessary. Daily use does not affect the ph balance of hair. Safe for use on artificially coloured or permed hair.

Oil Application : Wash the hair properly, dry it & massage gently SIYA OIL on the scalp for a minute or two, so as to reach the skin deeply. Regular use recommended for better & faster results or as directed by the physician.

Capsule Dosage: 1 capsule 2-3 times a day or as directed by the physician.

Shampoo Indication: Premature graying, falling hair & in split ends.

Oil Indication: Premature graying, falling hair, split ends and dandruff.

Capsule Indication: Falling of hair, alopecia, scuffing and premature graying.

Shampoo Presentation:
100 ml, 200 ml & 500 ml Bottle.

Oil Presentation: 100 ml & 200 ml bottle.

Capsule Presentation: Blister pack of 10 x 10 capsule ,250 capsule pack

Shampoo Ingredient Name Qty(in mg.)
Yastimadhu Extract
Jasud Extract
Shikakai Extract
Aloevera Extract
Amla Extract
Heena Extract
Lemon Extract
S. L. S., S. L. E. S.,
Preservative, Perfume, Aqua & Tea Tree Oil
Oil Ingredient Name Qty(in mg.)
Sesamum indicum (Til oil) 80 %
Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil 20 %
Made Siddhi with  
Eclipta alba (Bhringraj) 2 %
Emblica officinalis (Amla) 2 %
Dhatura stzamonium (Dhatura panchang) 1 %
Acorus calamus (Vaj) 1 %
Cyperus scariousus (Nagermotha) 1 %
Lawsonia alba (Henna) 1 %
Centefia asiatica (Brahmi) 1 %
Azadirachta indica (Neem leaves) 1 %
Citrus acida (Lemon) 1 %
Curcurbita lagenaria (Dugdha) 1 %
Trigonella foenum graceum (Methi) 0.50 %
lndigofera tinctoria (Neel patra) 0.50 %
Abrus precatorius (Chanothi) 0.50 %
Hibiscus rosa sinensis (Jasund) 0.50 %
Nardostachys (Jatamanshi) 0.25 %
Pavonia odorata (Sugandhi valo) 0.25 %
Myristica fragrans (Javitri) 0.10 %
Cow Milk 10 %
Perfumed base q.s.
Capsule Ingredient Name Qty(in mg.)
Eclipta alba (Bhringraj) 1000 mg.
Emblica officinalis (Amla) 800 mg.
Centefia asiatica (Brahmi) 750 mg.
Excipients q.s.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Tanushree Jadeja
Very effective remedy for hair fall

Siya Kit is undoubtedly the best hair fall solution! Upon conducting online research, I decided to try it based on numerous positive reviews. Since using it, my hair fall has reduced remarkably. I can confidently recommend Siya Kit for anyone seeking an effective remedy for hair fall.

Tanushree Jadeja
My Hair Fall Savior!

Siya Kit is undoubtedly the best hair fall solution! Upon conducting online research, I decided to try it based on numerous positive reviews. Since using it, my hair fall has reduced remarkably. I can confidently recommend Siya Kit for anyone seeking an effective remedy for hair fall.

Khushi Jain
I highly recommend this kit

This Ayurvedic Hair Fall Solution has become an integral part of my hair care routine. It offers a natural and effective way to combat hair fall and promote healthier, stronger hair. If you're searching for a reliable Ayurvedic solution to address hair fall issues, I highly recommend giving this product a try.

Shweta Hirpara
I Found a Natural Solution to Hair Fall with Ayurvedic Hair Care

I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with this hair care kit! I was experiencing some serious hair fall and my hair just felt weak and lackluster overall. But after using this kit, I can honestly say that my hair has never felt healthier or stronger. Not only have I seen a noticeable reduction in hair fall, but my hair also looks and feels much fuller and more vibrant. I love the way it smells too! I've tried so many different hair care products in the past, but this one really stands out. Thank you to the creators of this kit - you've definitely won me over as a loyal customer!

Ritu Paramar
Best Kit For Hair Problems

As a frequent traveler, I was worried about the impact the different climates would have on my hair. But since I started using Siya Kit, my hair has been much more resilient. It has reduced my hair fall and improved the overall health of my hair. I highly recommend this ayurvedic solution to anyone looking for a natural solution for hair fall.