Ayucal Tablets - An Ayurvedic Calcium Supplement

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Ayucal is a natural supplement for calcium developed by the Vital Care research and development team. It is made of ayurvedic herbs such as Shankh Bhasma that offers a biologically active natural form of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body. It enhances calcium absorption. ensures optimum calcium availability during pregnancy, lactation, and growing stages in children.

  • AmlaSourcer of natural vitamin C intake lowers risk of osteoporosis in adults
  • Hadjod Hadjod helps in reducing pain & swelling at fracture site & accelerate the healing process
  • Sankha BhasmaIt easily absorbs and compensates the calcium requirement of the body and provide natural calcium
  • Godanti BhasmaIs a good source of calcium. Along with Cissus Quadrangularis, it helps in the treatment of osteoporosis
  • Helps the body maintain a proper alkaline balance
  • Increases the flow of nutrients to cells and tissues.
  • Purifies and balances fat tissue - the raw material for building bones.
  • Provides amla (the richest source of natural vitamin C) which helps calcium absorption.
  • Facilitates better tolerance without chalky taste.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Indication: Adolescent growth period, Preganancy, lactation, menopause, fracture healing and osteoporosis.

Presentation: 10x10 tablets blister pack ,500 tablets & 1000 tablets pack.

Ingredient Name Qty(in mg.)
Godanti Bhasma 100 mg.
Shankh Bhasma 100 mg.
Shukti Bhasma 100 mg.
Kukutantwak Bhasma 50 mg.
Karpadika Bhasma 50 mg.
Emblica officinalis (Amla ext) 40 mg.
Cissus quadrangularis (Hadjor ext) 25 mg.
Eleusine corocana (Nagli powder) 25 mg.
Excipients q.s.
Colour : Titanium oxide

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Milan K.
Give it try

The pills are small and easy to swallow. Plus, I've noticed that I have more energy throughout the day, which is a huge plus. Overall, I'm really happy with this Ayurvedic calcium supplement and would definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a natural way to support their bone health.

Sandeep Nathani
Very helpful product

I have used this product earlier and its quite effective. I am into gymming and sometimes pain occurred in joints for which this is really helpful.

Vaibhav Sharma
Satisfied with result

Using this product for long... excellent results... no side effects.

Good product

Very good product

Akansha Singh
Best calcium deficiency tablets

If you are having calcium deficiency then you must go for this product. It really works. Packaging was pretty good. Its value for money. You will definitely get relief from pain.