Bactimo The Dermal Powder

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Bactimo The Dermal Powder Get rid of itching, rashes and skin diseases with Ayurveda. Vital Care presents Bactimo, an antibacterial powder for the skin.

Combination of essentials:

Bactimo dusting Powder is comprehensive formula enriched with scientifically validate drugs which are especially effective on skin-related problems. Shankha Bhasma & Yashad Bhasma are used with a combination of Gandhak & Tankan and used as a cosmetic powdering External Preparation which efficiently improves the quality of skin life.

Treats skin infections:

Bactimo dusting Powder is comprehensive formula enriched with natural ayurvedic ingredients. The use of dusting powder is to cure itching, skin infections, and sweating. Bactimo is an antibacterial powder for skin issues like bacterial infections, acne, and skin inflammation. Bactimo is the best antifungal powder for skin problems. Buy antifungal powder and get rid of all your skin irritations.

Bactimo Powder is made of 100% ayurvedic ingredients. These ingredients do not have any harmful traits. The use of dusting powder is to cure skin problems.

  • Shankha bhasma: improves skin condition
  • Yashad bhasma: cure skin diseases, allergies, prevent dark spots (has astringent properties)
  • Shuddha tankan: cures skin infections ( has antimicrobial activity)
  • Shuddha gandha: play a vital role in forming cells’ protein, tissues and antibodies and helps exfoliate dead skin cell.
  • Cures skin diseases
  • Skin allergies
  • Infections

Indication: Twak roga (Skin diseases), Saundarya-prasadhak (As a beauty product)

Application : Sprinkle a sufficient quantity of powder over the affected area of your body or as directed by the physician

Presentation : 100g Powder

Shankha Bhasma A.B. Conch Shell 5%
Yashad Bhasma A.B. Zink 5%
Shuddha Tankan A.P.I. Borax 5%
Shuddha Gandha A.P.I. Sulphur 2%
Menthol A.P.I. Mentha Species 0.2%
Talc IP - 70%
Starch IP - 6%
Titanium Dioxide IP - 6%
Fragrance - - 0.8%

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