Use of ayurvedic herbal oil to prevent Young age balding

Sep 02 , 2021

Sankalp Agrawal

Use of ayurvedic herbal oil to prevent Young age balding

Young age balding has become one of the most serious concerns among the men in the society. Young age balding has advanced to an extent that even the millennial generation is now scared of young age balding and the fear of balding has now become a constant haunting factor among the millennials. According to a survey conducted in China, the current 20's generation is going bald sooner than any generation before them. This data was collected from about 4000 students at a Chinese University and it was found that more than 60 percent of the students experienced frequent hair loss and were either bald already or were on their way to balding. On the other hand, about 25 experienced mild hair fall. Hair fall wasn't noticed by them but their peers and family members said that there was a significant reduction in the hair count from their head.

Young age and hair fall problems

Hair fall is generally believed to occur due to old age. However, young age balding is a common phenomenon these days. So what could be the other possible reasons that result in hair fall? Well, as we have progressed into a more modern world, the work-life balance of employees has been distorted. With technical advancements and modernization, jobs have become heavily stressful and brain draining. Resultantly, the high-stress levels lead to several adverse effects on the health, one of which being hair fall. Stress levels are not just a hypothetical terminology but actually shoot up certain parameters in our body that result in hair fall. Risen stress levels are known to interfere with the hair growth process while in the growing stage. Resultantly, during the growth stage of the hair follicles, the hair strands become too thin and eventually fall. Stress as a whole affects your hair's entire lifecycle.

Hair aware, are millennials too conscious?

Hair is indeed a special part of our body. It's fascinating how these dead cells matter so much to us. Well calling them just dead cells would be unjust and disrespectful as we spend loads of money to maintain them the way they are. It has been found that millennials are much more concerned about their hair than ever. It was found that around 70 percent of the Indian millennial population was concerned about their hair and wished to maintain it shiny and smooth until a considerable age.

Ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth: think ayurvedic!

Ayurveda means the science of life and has been around for several years. Ayurveda remedies are known to be highly impactful and have produced results in the past. Ayurvedic herbs obtained from mother nature's lap. Ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth consists of essential oils derived from the best-in-class natural resources. These hair oils have proven to be beneficial irrespective of age, hair type, or gender. The primary advantage of ayurvedic herbal hair oil is that they have no side effects, they can be used by anyone regularly without having to worry about side effects. The herbal hair oil is designed carefully by a few of the best scientists and researchers in the world and is modeled to enhance hair quality accurately. Herbal hair oils always focus on enhancing the quality of the hair follicles and penetrate deep inside the scalp to strengthen the roots. Hence enhancing the quality of the hair and ensuring that your hair remains strong, shiny, and smooth for the long run. Hence, on a concluductory note, we can say that usage of ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth is one of the best methods to resort to. It will definitely lead to a benefit in the long run!