Understanding PCOS's causes & treatments By Ayurveda Expert

Oct 01 , 2021

Sankalp Agrawal

Understanding PCOS's causes & treatments By Ayurveda Expert

Do You know that PCOS is most underdiagnosed diseases in the world, with less than 25% of women being diagnosed with PCOS.

PCOS is a very prevalent disorder in which woman’s level of oestrogen& progesterone are out of balance.

Ovaries make more male hormones than the normal.

There are 4 types of PCOS, let’s talk about each one in detail with its symptoms. So let’s start with it

  1. Ovarian type – First one is a ovarian type where the secretion of hormones from your ovary is not appropriate. Cysts forms in a inner lining of ovaries and that lining swells up & secretes more male hormones which results in a form of excessive weight gain, irregular periods, excessive hair growth on your chin n jawline, hair thinning & oily scalp.
  2. Adrenal type – This type of PCOS usually happens because of stressful lifestyle. There is excessive secretion of aldosterone hormone. Your doctor may also need to check DHEA & morning cortisol levels. Symptoms here are associated with weight gain, mood and anxiety disorder and painful inflammatory acne.
  3. Insulin resistant – In this type your body does not respond to insulin and becomes resistant to it. And because your body not utilizing that insulin the more and more insulin keep secreting from your glands Which results in symptoms like pigmentation or darkening on the neck, also chances to presence of small skin tags on neck or cheek part, you can feel excessive sugar craving, excessive weight gaining and not being able to lose weight.
  4. Oral Contraceptives – Last variety of PCOS is seen in those who are on oral contraceptives / birth control pills for a really long time and then suddenly stop taking them.

What happens in this condition is your body is used to definite amount of hormone everyday, ovaries kind of forget to secrete that amount everyday. So it takes a lot of time to come back in their regular normal secretion phase. Which result in PCOS. Again the symptoms are obesity and not being able to lose the weight,Mood swings, stress & anxiety, hair citisum and hair thinning.

It is very essential that PCOS must be taken care of in the beginning itself, but this doesn’t happen. Patient usually comes in a later period or else it is neglected as basic health complaint of a menstrual irregularity. Many researchers conclude that biggest contributor to pcos is a poor diet. Young women tend to indulge in lot sugar eating, carbonized drinks and refined carbs which spikes their insulin level.

PCOS is a chronic disorder and if not treated can last for life long. Undiagnosed PCOS may lead to infertility  but in the long run it may also cause very severe health complications like endometrial cancer, cancer of uterus, liver diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes &sleepapnea.

So, is there a cure of PCOS ?

The answer is yes!!!!

Ayurveda effectively manages and cures PCOS from its root cause with its medicines, Panchkarma procedures and lifestyle modifications.

The treatment for pcos is divided into 3 parts and we will be discussing about each one in detail.

  1. Diet – There should be healthy and timely diet which includes healthy fats like flax seeds, almonds, omega 3 fatty acid and green leafy vegetables.Most effective ingredient to cure pcos is cow’s ghee. Simply take 1tbsp lukewarm cow’s ghee empty stomach in morning.  Presence of anti oxidants and mono unsaturated fats present in this ingredient really help to reduce the symptoms. Foods you need to avoid is soy products, packaged food, refined carbs, carbonite drinks .  Gluten free & dairy free diet helps to reduce inflammation in your body.
  1. Yoga & Exercise – 20 mins of brisk walking is found to be very effective in treating pcos. You can also practice asanas like bandhakonasana, setubandhasana, suptabandhakonasana, bharadwajasana, start from 2 to 3 rounds everyday and gradually you can increase them.
  1. This is a very important part that is medicines. Herbs like shatapushpa, shatavari, musta, Ashoka and kumari are very beneficial in balancing the hormones in your body. It helps in regularizing the “ApanaVayu” Nd alleviates the “Srotoavrodha”.

There are few proprietary medicines which effectively manages PCOS.

Vama Syrup is a natural formula that helps to reduce menstrual abnormalities. It also promotes uterine health by causing muscle contraction & reduces painful mensis.

There is Hercare Syrup or Hercare tablet which is a safer & better alternative of Hormone Replacement Therapy. It also reduces symptoms like white discharge & itching.

There is Slimit capsule if you want to lose excess weight, you can also use our hair care range which is siya shampoo, siya oil & siya capsules if you have hair thinning and Hair fall issue.

 Remember, depending upon right causative factors and to the right diagnoses the treatment is done, which results in a faster recovery. So you need to consult the doctor to find the type of PCOS and accordingly treatment can be given to you.