Understanding Hairfall - Its causes and solution with Ayurved Expert

Sep 14 , 2021

Sankalp Agrawal

Understanding Hairfall - Its causes and solution with Ayurved Expert

Excessive hairfall!!!

Specially if you had COVID, even more hairfall..

Isn’t it stressing you out --- don’t

Because stress itself is one of the factors why hair is falling.

Lets begin with the factors responsible for hairfall after COVID.

  1. Stress --- like I said before, the more you stress about your hairfallit will only worsen your condition.
  1. Oxidative damage --- There is lot of free radical damage in your body, because your body is reacting to the viral disease. This leads to an increased inflammation and results in an oxidative stress which disrupts your hair growth cycle.
  1. Lack of nutrition – Again happens due to the disease as well as due to excessive need of essential nutrition for the body to repair itself.

So, how do you take care of each one of these..

Lets start with something which is easy to take care of,

  1. Nutrition depletion --- nutrition depletion happens in covidis because body needs excess nutrients to heal itself and another reason is because of anosmia, which means the sense of taste & smell both are affected in covid. This makes your food intake very poor & results in nutrion depletion in your body. So, you need to eat proper nutritious food to compensate the requirement of your body. Green leafy vegetables,fruits, soaked almonds, walnuts can help and if youre non vegetarian, types of meat and egg can be good source of  protein requirement.
  1. Oxidative damage – Anti oxidants are necessary to reduce free radical damage in your body. You can also add anti inflammatory supplements in your diet like ginger, curcumin, amla & black pepper to decrease the inflammation.
  1. Hair shedding – Our body’s response to any mental stress, any disease or physical stress is hair shedding. There are 3 stages of hair growth, 1. Growing phase 2. Transition phase 3. Resting phase.In this condition, growing stage of your hair which is ANAGEN suddenly turns into a resting phase (TELOGEN) – there is medical term for that called Telogen Effluvium.

 There is lot of shedding & hair thinning in this condition, the entire hair from its root fall off and it burns your heart and stresses you further.

Now, what you can do at home for this is start with good hair oiling. Apply your preferable hair oil on your scalp, just do not massage harshly because it can further damage your tender hair follicles which are already in resting phase. You can warm your hair oil, take a little cotton, dip into it and apply it on every root line by line. It will nourish your hair follicles. Do not forget to apply hair oil till the end of your hair length. 

  1. Another thing what you can do is use some good supplements

There are 2 categories

  1. Replenish Deficiency – vit – D, Iron, B-12, zinc, selenium & biotin.
  2. Reduces Oxidative stress – ashwagandha, Vit –E, Vit-c, saw palmetto, curcumin & Omega -3

You need to combine supplements from both the categories.

Very effective products for hair fall is SIYA HAIR OIL & SHAMPOO from Vital care. Siya hair oil contains amla,bhringaraja,brahmi,neem,hibiscus and many more herbs which nourishes hair follicle and even prevents from premature greying. This hair oil is prepared by following most authentic process which is kshirpaaka technique.

There is Siya capsule to support hair growth, made up of bhringaraj, amala & brahmi. These herbs taken internally, acts as a nervine tonic and helps to boost hair growth cycle.

 Remember, there is no magic pill to get rid of your hairfall, there is combination of diet & supplements which can work as per your condition & prakriti.