Ancare Ointment - An Ayurvedic Piles Cream

  • Rs. 70.00

Ancare Ointment - An Ayurvedic Piles Cream

Ancare ointment is a cream for piles which gives quick relief in piles. It arrests bleeding & clears out the infection at the affected sight. It can give relief in 3rd degree piles also. It is an Ayurvedic cream for piles which is free of any side effects.

Its mode of action is mentioned below -

  • Provides soothing effect
  • Relieves pain & inflammation
  • Haemostatic & astringent properties
  • Quick healing of rectal blood vessels
  • Provides antiseptic action

Composition :

Pippalyadi Oil 15.00%
Javkshar 2.00%
Shorea robusta (Sal) 2.00%
Camphora officinarum (Kapoor) 2.00%
Tankankshar 2.00%
Yashad Bhasma 2.00%
Processed with extract derived from :
Symplocos racemosa (Lodhra) 2.00%
Argemone mexicana (Darudi panchang) 2.00%
Eclipta alba (Bhringraj) 2.00%
Croton polyandrum (Dantimool) 2.00%
Nerium odorum (Kaner) 2.00%
Mimosa pudica (Lajjalu) 2.00%
Embelia ribes (Vidanga) 2.00%
Gloriosa superba (Kalihari) 2.00%
Aloe indica (Kumari) 2.00%
Ointment base q.s.


Indications :

Pain, inflammation & bleeding in anorectal disorders & mild to moderate proctitis.

Application :

Apply with applicator minimum 2 to 3 times a day, before & after defecation or as directed by the physician.