Arthrum Oil - An Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Oil

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Arthrum Oil - An Ayurvedic Pain Relieving Oil

Arthrum oil is tropical formulation for any kind of pain management. Made from traditional Ayurvedic process & formulated with traditional ingredients like Gaultheria oil, Narayan Oil, Maha Mash Oil, Maha vishagarbha oil, Flowers of Pudinha, red pepper oil & toontubh oil. Arthrum oil can be applied in all painful conditions like muscular pain, low back pain, sports injuries, leg cramps, sprain & strain & also in all types of Arthritis pain.

Benefits –

  • Deeper penetration provides faster relief
  • Fast symptom control
  • Gives warm effect when applied at the site of pain
  • Gives prolonged effect when applied tropically


Major ingredients –

  • Oil of Gaultheria – Contains Methyl Salicylate which increases blood circulation
  • Pudinah Flower – Instantly reduces pain intensity & provides analgesic effect for a long time
  • Toontubh Oil – Provides heating sensation & reduces inflammation

    Composition :

    Each 10ml Oil Contains :

    Oil of Gaultheria 20% 
    Narayan Oil 16%
    Maha Mash Oil 16%
    Maha Vishagarbha Oil 15%
    Sat Pipermint (Pudinah ka phool) 2%
    Capsicum annum (Red Pepper) Oil 0.12%
    Brassica campestris (Toontubh) Oil 30.88%

    Indications :
    All type of Arthritis, Sprain & Strain, Muscular Pain & Low Back Pain.

    Application :
    Gently massage twice or thrice a day after washing & drying the affected parts with warm water or as directed by the physician.

    Presentation :
    30 ml, 60 ml & 100 ml bottle.